This I Believe

Walker - Shreveport, Louisiana
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow I believe that I should cherish the things that are important to me because I never know when they will be gone. Not too long ago I lost someone close to me. He was not my brother, my father, or even my grandfather; but he was close to me. He was a neighbor and a friend. I can remember those warm spring afternoons, when there was a huge pile of red dirt in my driveway and my neighbors were over at my house. At that time I was probably four or five years old. My two neighbors were my two best friends. The girl was a year younger than I was and the other, he was six years older than me. That day we dressed in our old, play clothes as our parents called them, and we played in the dirt until it was so dark we could not see anything. At the age of four I thought my neighbor was the coolest person ever. He was ten, he was in fourth grade, and my list of why he was so cool went on and on. It is memories like that that we remember the most, the fun things that we did with our best friends. As we began to grow older we would have even more fun times together. On the hot days of summer we would hang out by the pool, ride bikes, and have a lot of fun. I really looked up to him because he spent time with his younger sister and me. Well, that all changed when he entered high school. He no longer spent as much time with us and he spent more time with his friends. At the time I did not understand that. Needless to say, having just entered high school I understand. As he went through high school he became one of the “bad kids.” After his junior year he dropped out of school and went to work for his dad. Then one evening my life changed. My mom got the call from his mom telling her that he was at a friend’s house and had stopped breathing. After I found out he died the only things I could think about were the great times we had together and the times we could have had. This I Believe: Cherish the things and people that are close to you now because you will never know when they will be gone.