Acting like A Kid

Julie - Mt. City, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in acting like a kid for as long as you can get away with it. There is no greater joy in life than relishing in the simple pleasures of childhood. Running around careless with my best friend next to me can conquer all the feelings of adulthood being thrust upon me.

Simple things like: Indulging in a double scoop of birthday cake ice cream on a cone dipped in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles and not worrying about how many calories I’m eating makes it that much better. Having a bowl of macaroni and cheese with a Wild Cherry Capri Sun after a rough day at school to help take the edge off makes everything better. Going to Gatti Land for my 17th birthday because eating pizza and playing arcade games with my friends sounds more appealing than the alternative. Doing these elementary things allows me to call myself a kid rather than a teenager or young adult that much longer.

Some people say that I just need to mature and grow up and face reality. But in reality, what is so great about growing up? Being able to act like a kid is something that doesn’t last forever. I realize that and I want to hold on to and cherish every moment of my childhood before it vanishes before my eyes.

My friends and I often have water-gun fights and light-saber fights and anything else that will truly entertain us. Not just activities that will pass the time but activities that we will remember forever and each time we do, we laugh until we can’t breath and our abs start to hurt. I wouldn’t trade goofing off with my friends and acting immature for anything. It will soon be a past time that I can’t ever get back. So, until then I will continue to scale the aisles for any new toys that come out.

Teenagers today rush into adulthood. They have kids and start families before they‘re even out of their teens. They get fake ID’s so they can do things they normally wouldn’t be allowed to do at their age. I believe in preserving my childhood not throwing it away.

Yes, adulthood is something that is inevitable but why should I rush into it. I will get there soon enough and probably before I would like to. Dealing with bills and work and sitting in traffic to get to work so I can pay the bills is not anything I’m looking forward to.

I believe that acting like a kid is a gift, and it is one that should not be wasted. I act like a kid because I am a kid. And right now, that’s all I want to be.