This I Believe

Samantha - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question


I have ants inside of me. I’ve known it since I was four. I know you may say this is ridiculous, and I don’t hate you for not believing. But how else could food get from your mouth to your stomach without an ant to carry it down your esophagus? How could your hair grow without an ant inside you that pushed it further out every day? What caused the shivers if not ants running up and down your body, trying to warm you up with their body heat?

Princeton defines the word “theory” as being ‘a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena’. Everyone has theories, such as my belief that insects are the only reason that I am able to function and pursue life, liberty, and happiness. My science teacher offered alternative theories that rivaled mine, such as that shivering is the result of a ‘shiver trigger’ causing internal muscles to contract and loosen repeatedly to exert more heat. I thought this explanation always sounded a little fishy, but who was I to tell Coach Ragsdale that in reality ants were responsible? And maybe he was right, maybe that was how some people worked; but not me.

Out of all the theories out there, conspiracy theories (and their creators) are my favorite. Admittedly, if someone went around preaching that Elvis is returning they might look slightly nutty, but I still marvel in amazement at some of these people. Idly looking into various conspiracy theories, I was amazed at all of the websites containing meticulously detailed evidence and proof these people had gone out and gathered themselves just to prove the flying spaghetti monster did exist. I realized, looking at these pages, that all the idolized visionaries of long ago looked like these lunatics when they published their theories. And without people like Galileo who break free of standards set by our society and proclaim their truth, we would still be in the Dark Ages.

Abandon your urge to label original thinkers as ‘conspiracy nuts’! Society should take off its rose-colored glasses every once in a while and embrace the creative power within that allows for a fresh perspective on stale problems. What are we without quixotic citizens that dream up solutions and explanations to our problems? I’m not saying I believe every far-fetched conspiracy that comes along, but I believe in the people behind them. I believe in a reality only those unrealistic enough to think can find. I believe in theories.