This I Believe

Michelle - Manchaca, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

Throughout my life, I’ve learned and observed that there exists an invisible energy in the universe that can only be felt by the soul. This energy doesn’t merely transfer, but radiates from the individual who performs an act of kindness. Simply put, when a person carries out such an act, positive energy is dispersed and not only does it transfer to the person receiving the action, but returns to the person doing the action. One who does a good deed can feel the energy internally, allowing him or her to exert this positive emotion to the world. I believe in this energy that exists through acts of kindness.

Personally, I have experienced this positive energy in a variety of ways and each time I can’t help but allow this emotion to overwhelm me with good that I know can be felt by others. It’s hard to describe this human detection but anyone who experiences feelings of sadness, joy, and anger acquire the intuition to feel this positive emotion. I first remember feeling this just-plain-good sensation after my father and I gave a homeless woman some leftover pizza we had from lunch. This might seem very minimal to the average person, but to me, a kid of about eight years old, this act of kindness made me feel like a saint. I can only summarize the emotion I later felt as good. At that moment, I was literally content. All the rest of that day, my family and friends somehow sensed the positive energy radiating from my every move, and couldn’t help but allow this energy to improve their own spirits.

After experiencing that energy at the age of eight, I’ve tried my best to continue to perform simple acts of kindness. I certainly crave that just-plain-good feeling and do whatever I can to attain it, but I must admit life’s dramas sometimes get in the way. Whenever that’s the case, I remember that wonderful feeling of positive energy radiating from my body and do a good deed, even if that means letting another driver pull out in front of me when I’m in traffic.