This I Believe

William - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in duct tape. People everywhere are basically similar. We are all human, and our similarities serve to bring us all together. That is the duct tape that holds together humanity. Even if they claim to not like certain groups, or even just strangers, people are naturally drawn to each other through common traits and qualities.

I once went on a trip through the Quetico Park in the Canadian wilderness. I was with a group of eight other people, and, though it was the wilderness, we saw other groups of people. Though few and far between, we felt a bond with these groups that we saw. We felt closer to these people than it seemed, even though we had never seen them before. We had something big in common, and that drew us together.

Some people dislike certain other groups of people, and some just don’t like people who aren’t like them. Even if this is the case, people are still people, and we share that in common. When separated, people will draw back together, no matter who they are. When people are torn away from each other, it leaves a mark. Something stays behind that won’t come off, no matter how hard it is scraped at. The bonds we share don’t come off easily.

Duct tape is an extremely durable bonding material. It can hold just about anything together, even completely different things, and it will last through heat, cold, water, wind, or just about anything else that could be thrown at it. When finally torn off, duct tape leaves a sticky residue that stays for good, and the only thing that will stay on it is more duct tape. The bond we all share as human beings, each created unique, yet similar, is the duct tape that holds the world together.