Turtles Are Awesome

Michael - buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that turtles are awesome. This is a simple system of belief, but I feel it captures both my personality and my attitude toward life. People, like turtles, plod slowly and surely through life, until they are faced with a sudden and frightening change. When this occurs, they retract timidly into themselves, like a turtle in its shell, and stay there, until they are coaxed out by the love and friendship of those around them.

On a slightly less philosophical note, turtles are fun, and encouraging. Turtles are always determined to do whatever they set their tiny minds to, and they get it done regardless of the setbacks. Even when flipped on their backs by an evil force of nature, such as a vindictive child, they eventually right themselves and carry on about their business. For a person and a turtle, this is the most vulnerable position. A person left “flipped on their back,” is emotionally vulnerable, scarred by some unpleasant event, but eventually they, like the turtle, can get back on their feet and keep moving.

To me, this level of focus is inspiring, especially when coming from such a tiny little creature. It makes me believe in the power of people, that they can be like the slow little turtle, and march slowly onward toward their goals. No matter what gets in their way, they will get their slowly but surely. People, like the awesome turtle, just need a little confidence, support from their friends, and a lot of time.