“Imperfect is the New Perfect”

Shelby - Manchaca, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I’m almost certain that everybody in the world wishes they could change at least one of their ‘negativities’ for a rather positive one. Some women might wish that they had Angelina Jolie’s luscious lips, or Jennifer Lopez’s booty, or even Mariah Carey’s wide-ranged vocals. Even the average man wishes he could change something about himself. Whether it’s being more punctual or not having that scraggily five o’clock shadow, he still has those aspirations. I believe that each individual has their own imperfections; I like to call them flaws. Honestly, those are the characteristics that make each and every one of us human beings. Every other day there’s either a new magazine article or reality show where people, just like you and me, are doing random, sometimes obscure, stuff. Some dye their hair, lay in a tanning bed every other afternoon, or are a patient of plastic surgery. For what, you might question? To become “perfect”. Some might say it’s “to make them feel better about themselves”. I believe there’s no such thing as perfect. Some days, my hair doesn’t always stay in place. Another day, I might have a broken heart. My point is that society today seems to push this “perfect product” or “perfect place”, when really nothing becomes different than before. It might appear different on the outside, but that’s nothing natural, it’s nothing real. We all see actors and actresses, even models or television talk show hosts, and automatically rank them higher than ourselves. I believe this because everyday I read about or watch the majority of our population experiment with new things, just to change themselves, when really, by just being themselves, they are perfect…A perfect human being. Don’t get me wrong, trying something new is wonderful, but it’s powerful, and doing it because you are unhappy with yourself is something completely different then doing it “just for kicks”. A human being is one who makes mistakes, one who might be a little clumsy on occasion, or one who might forget to read the “Wet Paint” sign and accidentally lean against a freshly painted wall. Just be yourself because I believe that’s the first step to becoming “perfect”.