Throw Away the Food (and Eat the Bowl)

Chelsea - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, legacy

I believe in garlic bread. A slice of bread, a little bit of butter, garlic and just a pinch of oregano,

Simplicity is the key. Garlic bread is so mesmeric in flavor, yet so effortless it should be considered a sin.

As an aspiring chef I have seen numerous recipes, some calling for egg whites, many that call for 10 ingredients or more, and some so elaborate that I have had to venture to grocery store isles unknown to acquire their contents.

I have cooked things that have caused for constant stirring, other’s in which I’ve had to cream the sugar, eggs and butter to get a positive result, even food items which required me to have them to sit 24 hours in a slurry of bizarre concoction, before recommended to use them. Yet nothing seemed to impress my grandfather more, who preferred keeping things simple, than the home-maker’s garlic bread, which my father made for him in my grandparents’ decade-old toaster oven.

My grandfather’s undying motto, especially when it came to cooking, was to stir it all up, then throw away the food and eat the bowl. In other words, if a project became too complex, too frustrating, or too worrisome, you could always start from the beginning, and do something simple. As the simplest things can make us just as happy or even more so, than the complex.

I consider this as a good rule of thumb in a world that thrives in the technological pulses of things designed to make our world “easier”, when programming your cell phone to double as your alarm clock, TV, map, and type writer all at the same time, it is not the piece of garlic bread you would expect.