I believe in Potluck

Kelsey - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in potluck dinners. Okay, it’s a random thing to believe in, but a lot of people don’t even know what a potluck is. If you’ve truly experienced a potluck then you know that it’s not just people bringing food to eat. I believe that a potluck is the gathering of a diversity of food and people and despite their differences people always seem to get along. I feel blessed that my family’s love of potluck was passed on to me.

I love that there are so many varieties of deserts, casseroles, noodles, meats, and salads. Of course, I feel that I have to taste it all. People, even little kids, are willing to try new foods. The food sparks something inside people. It’s like the different types of food represents the different type of people. Not only are the people diverse in appearance, but also their ideas and beliefs are different, too. At a potluck, you may have two macaroni dishes, however one has thick noodles and one has thin; they’re both macaroni just unique in their own way. It’s the same with people, there may be two football fans, yet one guy is a hard core Aggie, while the other is a Longhorn. There are a lot of opinions, especially during football season.

Usually potlucks are a part of my family reunions. Everyone can’t wait to eat. The line is always long and loud with the joyous reunions of loved ones. After everyone is satisfied there are announcements. The room rings with laughter and applause as someone announces their engagement or the expectation of a new baby. I love the part of my family reunions when everyone gathers in the big room, and we discover who the newest member to our family is and then who the oldest member is. It amazes me at how many people make up my family. We’ve had up to five generations at a reunion. Think of the history in that one room!

Potlucks are amazingly fun and uplifting. Everyone should get a chance to engage in an event that will leave a lasting impression on their lives; potlucks are just one of those events for me.