This I Believe

Molly - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community, place

When most people picture Texas, they see cowboys and wide open spaces. But there is one place in Texas that many would consider “weird”. Yes, that’s right, Austin. The place were I was born and raised. When most people think of Austin, the last thing that comes to mind is normal.

I would have to agree, Austin, Texas is very far from normal. We do have the cross-dresser named Leslie who likes to run for governor every so often. He loves to stop and take pictures with anyone who asks. In fact he is on the top 10 most famous homeless people list. Come on now, that is pretty cool when you have a picture with someone who made that list. Even though a homeless guy didn’t make it to be our governor, a guy who wears tie-died shirts to Flugtag made it.

Austin is truly a place of its own. No where else like it. We have Barton Springs where its stays the same temperature all year long, so depending on the time of year you go swimming you can cool off or warm up. But no matter what time of year you go, there still going to be the topless people running around.

I love how Austin is the music capital of the world. I have met so many great people standing outside of the fence at Stubbs listening to the music because we don’t have enough money to get in. At Emos, when I am just talking away to some random guy and then he says he has to go because he’s next to play on stage. Austin is just great when it comes to meeting people. And if you’re not from here, you might just think we are overly friendly.

We are all very proud of our peace-loving hippies who like to protest at the capital and save the environment. Without them, who knows how much more concrete we would have? It’s always good when you know someone is fighting to save our planet. Without them, we wouldn’t have the grass to play soccer on at Zilker or Central Market and Whole Foods where we can buy our organic foods at to stay healthy and fit. But when we need something sweet we always have Amy’s Ice Cream.

I like to embrace my weirdness and be proud to live in Austin. Why should we change the way we are? One day when I stop riding the Austin Merto that is always late, I hope to save up enough money to buy car and put a “Keep Austin Weird” sticker on it and show it proudly.