I believe in bicycles.

Raine - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Bicycles are a common obstacle for children. They help kids learn to overcome a challenge. There are many different colors of bikes, sizes, and different types, all which have a great impact on the rider.

When I was younger and received my first bicycle, I was full of terror. As soon as I got the hang of riding, my dad said, “Now you need to try to ride without the training wheels.” Knowing how uneasy I would feel about the idea, he explained how I can do anything I set my mind to and to always try.

With encouraging words, I got the confidence to try. As soon as I began pedaling, I fell onto the hard concrete, crying; I vowed to never ride a bike again. After crying all day and pleading with my dad to replace the training wheels, he told me that I must not give up.

He explained how I must push myself through obstacles, no matter how large. He helped me realize that there will not always be training wheels and there may not be a dad to give you a little push, but to always try.

My training wheels helped me understand that I won’t always have certain guidance in my life. There will always be hard times that my parents can’t help me with or tell me if I am doing the right thing. If the training wheels are taken off, I will still be able to overcome an obstacle over time. My dad has helped me through my toughest obstacles, including learning how to ride a bike. Learning to ride my first bike taught me more about life and how it may not be easy when I leave my parents guidance.