This I Believe

jeremy - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There used to be things that I would find funny and laugh. Most people don’t believe in it much though. I now do. I’m talking about Karma also known as bad luck. People laugh at others and their little mishaps or misfortunes, as they don’t put much thought into it. Because when they laugh, they have a better chance to have bad Karma happening to them. Perhaps it might not happen to them instantly, but I will happen inevitably. Although it won’t be on the same level it has its own way of coming back around.

About a year ago my brother broke his femur. I didn’t laugh but I would play with his crutches. I was told that playing with someone else’s crutches would give me bad luck but I never listened to my family. Then about a month after my brother broke his leg I also broke my shin. Breaking my leg landed me getting my own pair of crutches. Now I know how my brother felt having to use crutches in order to get around from place to place at school and every where else. Now that I know what it feels like I’ll tell you, it isn’t very fun to use crutches knowing that some people might come along and kick them out from under you.

So when I see people laugh and point fingers at other little mishaps like dropping something important, I just hope they know what it feels like to do some thing unfortunate. So if some thing happens to some one just help them with it instead of making fun of them. Cause it isn’t fun to be laughed at.