I Believe In An Audi

Leslie - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

BMW, Mercedes, Lexus…Mercury’s? I am a 16-year-old girl. Not a 60-year-old woman. I need a car that fits my age and tells my story well. I want to drive down the street and look cute, not old! I should be happy in the car I drive and want to show it off. I deserve it! This is why I believe in an Audi.

I turned 16 in October of last year, got my license in December, and got a Grand Marquis Mercury in June. Do you see the problem? Do not get me wrong, it is a nice expensive car but for an older person that is. When I am driving down the road and pass a mercury, I laugh in embarrassment when I realize the person behind the wheel is I their 60’s. You could spot me miles down the road due to the fact it is about as long as a swordfish. Its dark green and it is what the cop’s drive. People actually slow down when they see me, in fear of me being an undercover cop. I want them to slow down because they want to admire my car!

My mom drove this car for about four years. She needed a new cute one! So I was happy for her and hoping to get me cute one as well! I was wrong about that on in many more ways than one. I got the hand-me-down. I have never got hand-me-down anything my whole life. So I was very shocked that my first was a, very wrong not my type, car. Who would have thought right? I get this very big mistake and my mom goes out and gets a brand new sparkling white, Lincoln MKZ. So this is when I finally decide, I deserve an Audi.

I have gone on a roller coaster many times about deciding on if this car was, “the one”. I have thought about Audi’s before but never really considered having one. That was until recently. I drive by the Audi car dealership and I cannot help but admire it every time I drive by in my cop car. It is perfect and the exact one I want, it is a dark grey and the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I have recently, as in about two days ago, found out that my chance of getting my dream come true is very high! I was hoping I would get the Audi for my birthday on October 10, but now realize it will be a late Christmas present in January!

I have never believed in something so much in my whole life. People believe in many different ideas and thoughts. Mine so happens to be a car. I think we should never give up in what we all believe in. I have been waiting for over a year for a car and now it will finally be come true. If we all just gave up on what we believe in, we would not have anything. So let’s all believe in a least one things in life and believe it to the fullest!