This I Believe

Raymond - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in perseverance. I continually exercise this noun. I do so because I am one who is not afraid to keep going with a subject that nobody believes in because I don’t care what other people think. Even if everybody in the room is not on my side with something then I will maintain my argument, because if I feel strongly about a topic, any topic I fell that I understand, I will not back down from it. This has frequently gotten me into trouble countless times before and never fails to do so even now.

Just the other day as a matter of fact I got my self into a fragment of trouble. And I honestly even now do not understand what I did. The teacher made me fill out a sheet of paper that was supposed to explain what I did wrong. Well I told her that I did not understand what I did and she thought I was trying to be a class clown. I argued with her because I felt that I was getting in trouble for no reason at all, I perused the topic even more when I questioned her on what I did. She couldn’t even tell me face to face what I did, so I told her that if she cannot justify what I did then I would not apologize. And there I stood and she gave up.

I feel though that if nobody keeps persistent with what they personally believe then where will all the free thought go. Perseverance, I also use this in many other ways then just debating things. Thee football field is another great example, as well are many other sports. I think that they are because you could be down in a game and everybody can be emotional but you still try your hardest. Or if your hurt then you just keep going.

Most individuals just abandoned their thoughts after somebody begins to probe them. When you give up I feel that you are belittled because that shows you are scared, or maybe too lazy to prove your point, but what is the point of having a point if you don’t feel that you should prove it. Keep going, be steadfast. Keep your feet moving as some would say.