This I Believe

Austin - Manchaca, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Almost everyone has seen the acclaimed movie, Planet of the Apes. Everyone who has seen it has been witness to the way that we Homo-sapiens were treated in that hit motion picture. That’s why I believe that everyone should be nice to all primates. Because when that day comes, when they rapidly evolve, the world would be a whole lot nicer if the enslavement and torturing of humans that occurred in the movie did not happen. I think we should learn from the mistakes that took place in the movie and try to do things the right way. That is why I am encouraging everyone to befriend a monkey (or other form of primate) why you still have the chance. All of you zoo employees and circuses out there, I’m sorry but ya’ll are a lost cause. The treatment and captivity of your primates has been an atrocious display of cruelty. The way you make those poor animals do tricks and keep them locked up the way you do is just plain disgusting. If you’ve ever “been to” or “worked at” a zoo or circus, you should go into hiding immediately in order to protect yourself. I understand that some people will be against such preparations. That’s okay. But you’ll be very sorry when those huge, smart gorillas come busting through your front door one morning and put you in a cage. Please join the cause and help plan for a better future