Pretty Underwear

Jewel - Buda, Tx, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in pretty – That everyone has a pair. In some cases a person owns multiple pairs. You’ll never see most peoples though, because the majority of us don’t go pulling our pants down in public…

But that’s why pretty underwear are special: We can’t wear them every day, so when we decide to put them on it means something. It means we feel, and we’re showing it. Even though it shouldn’t actually be visible…Those pretty underwear are a physical representation of what we’re felling that day. Good, fresh, totally un-self-conscious, ready for anything.

Maybe you’re wearing yours today…..Maybe I’m wearing mine.

You can’t tell whose wearing theirs because our pretty underwear are like secrets. I won’t tell just anyone my secrets, or let them know what underwear I’m wearing. Would you?

During my freshman year I had a friend sleeping over. We didn’t do anything but talk and talk, swapping feelings and secrets, and while we were talking I thought, ‘Wow, who else knows this about her? One person? …None? I never would have imagined she felt this way about that if I weren’t so close to her.’

Later we changed into our pajamas and she was wearing her pretty underwear. What if I hadn’t become such good friends with her? I never would have known.

I’m sure everyone’s encountered some jerk waiting in line or walking down the street and had no other thoughts except “Man what the heck?! That guy is such a jerk!”, and maybe he was. Maybe that guy was just an all around mean person. OR maybe he was having a bad day…Maybe something was going on in that persons life he was having trouble with. You’ve had those days haven’t you? Of course you wouldn’t just tell any ole’ stranger all the reasons you’re acting like that, and neither would that guy who just shoved past you to get out the door first.

You don’t just let anyone see your pretty underwear…(or your ugly ones for that matter) And you don’t tell just anyone your secrets. You have to get to know a person before you know what their pretty underwear look like.

I know that we all pass our judgments on others, that will never change.

It’s okay though. Just as long as we don’t leave it up to our assumptions before we see their pretty underwear.

Of course we can’t create close relationships with everyone we ever meet….But try to take a peak under the surface.