This I Believe

ashley - neptune, New Jersey
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sometimes people just need a push, or help from a friend to get them through a long day. My push and my friend is a cup of Joe. I believe in the power of coffee.

My buddy coffee has been there every morning for as long as I can remember. When I was young he used to just be there in spirit. His scent would bring me out of my bed and downstairs in time for the school bus. As I got older, my days got longer. The mornings felt earlier and it became harder and harder for me to wake up. So I joined adults everywhere with the morning ritual of a cup of coffee. I can not vividly remember my first sip but I do know that coffee’s distinctive taste obliged me to ease into it. Slowly but surely I acquired my taste for coffee.

I believe in coffee for that taste. I believe in its richness, and I believe in its boldness. I respect coffee because it has always been there for me. Coffee is my savior, and all that I write will never thank or praise coffee for all that it has gotten me through.

In a way, I see Dunkin Donuts as a heaven because it gives me such a heavenly beverage. I can drive up to a window and they will give me a coffee how I want it which is usually with skim and sugar, and very, very large. They even will give me a cinnamon flavored coffee if I wish. Additionally, they offer it in its traditional form, hot or they will also give me an iced coffee.

I believe in its character of being dark, sweet and straight to the point. A cup of coffee never ever wastes my time. Within minutes it takes over my body with an energy of which nothing else could ever deliver. I believe in coffee’s caffeine.

I would never have made it to my skiing trip at 5a.m. without that cup of coffee. I would never make it through my five our trip to Syracuse without that cup of coffee. I definitely would have never made it during that 10 hour trek home from Syracuse when I got stuck in Brooklyn the day before Thanksgiving without that cup of coffee. I would not have gotten up for all my eight a.m.’s freshman year without that cup of coffee. I most certainly would not be able to hold a job or remain a full time student without a cup of coffee. Thus, it can be seen that my life would be a waste without my cup of coffee. For all these reasons, I believe in coffee.