This I Believe

Dillon - Hoouston, Texas
Entered on September 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that life is short you need to have as much fun as you can and live. Life is too short to hold grudges to not forgive; you never know what you could have had with that person. I personally do not like asking my self if I should have done something different. With everything I do I get back something in return, whether it is something positive or negative it defines who I am. I love the summer because I get to go to my beach house the whole summer and spent time with family and friends. When I am up there it is like I am a different person, nothing can stop me from having fun. My whole family goes to the beach, even though a lot of teens like to go with friends I like spending time with my family. I especially like to hang out with my cousin who is a year older than me, I can be me around him and it does not matter because we do not care what looks cool or what people think of us all I want is know I had a good run. I like to try new things whether it is surfing, fishing, or even skim boarding; I do not care if I am good at it I just want to be able and say I gave it my best shot. When I get to school I want to be able and make new friends and keep the old ones. School is school and no one enjoys it, but it is a time in life that will shape me into the man I am going to be for the rest of my life. I will keep life long friends from school and hopefully make new ones along the way. When I am old and cannot go to the beach everyday in the summer and done with my education; all I want is to look back at the years I have lived and be happy with everything and not regret anything, because I will know that I have lived and that is life.