The Ideal Attribute

Emily - Houston, Texas
Entered on September 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that loyalty is the most vital quality among friends. I define loyalty as a bond between two people where they share complete trust, understanding and confidence in each other, never berating each other behind their back. It is rare, especially in today’s world infested with gossip, lies, and “The Hills-worthy” drama, to find even one friend who you know will never intentionally hurt or upset you. Friendship in the years of adolescence morph and change as frequently as the weeks pass by, but you must be wary in whom you place trust. To be betrayed by a friend whom was once considered faithful can be a dramatic blow to the spirit; however, it is so much more comforting when in the midst of all trials and sufferings there is that one person who is forever by your side. In my own personal experience, I have experienced dozens of friend variations and gone through times when I thought I had no one. But as the years passed I realized that there had always been a friend who had never hurt me. That realization washed over me like a cool breeze as I began to depend on that friend more and more. In turn, I made it a point in my own life to be a loyal friend as well, not just to those loyal to me but to all my friends, in hopes that they might come to a realization and mend their ways. That goal is progressing at a much slower pace, but through it I can see changes in them, and occasionally a realization of what a true friend acts like; not two-facing each other or using one person for another purpose. Friends are not tools or game pieces; they expect your friendship in return instead of deception and lies. I pity those people who spin a web around themselves, entangling them so badly that they are trapped in the midst of all the hatred and anger they are responsible for. I have learned that those people do not know the comfort of loyalty that I have, that I cherish in that one amazing friend, who regardless of the circumstances, has remained faithful throughout my life.