This I Believe

Colin - westlake, Ohio
Entered on September 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in a strong common family bond, this bond is unbreakable. I believe this because of one very hot summer day, when I went to visit my grandmother in a small town called Greenville, Mississippi. One morning I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast, as my grandmother cooked my eggs and bacon she was telling me why family is so important. In the background the sound of eggs was sizzling, she told me that if she were to die she would be scared that our family would fall apart. As a kid I did not understand, but now I understand more. As we gather at family reunions and see all of the love, caring, disagreements and hatred, I still see family. I dislike some of my relatives, some dislike me. I believe a strong family bond means we love and support one another, when we dislike one another.

My mom always tells me that when all my friends turn away, and betray me my family will always be there. With my family behind me, it helps me to think that I can do anything. Although I want to be a C.E.O. of a large corporation, just having a family will not get me all of the way. But I know my family will be a big supporter in helping me reach my goal. Looking back on the past my family has always been my place for support. Having a strong family bond is more than just knowing everyone. It is knowing your family well and knowing their likes and dislikes. My father makes me get to know my grandmother better by making me practice my penmanship by writing letters.

On my mother’s side of the family, I am given money and gifts from my aunts and uncles. My mother does not let me keep the items unless I call them and thank them for the money, personally. The conversation usually lasts one minute; it helps me to get to know them better. When I say family I mean my entire family, not just my immediate family, but all of my relatives. The bond is unbreakable because there is an entire family behind you. The bond is like a piece of wood getting stabbed at with a toothpick. It can not be destroyed by insufficient items.

My family always tells me to remember where I came from, and the loving, caring family that I have. If I were to forget about my family, my family would think that I thought family is not important. I will make sure that my future family learns and never forgets about the importance of family; because if they did it would destroy everything my family has lived for.

Although my family does not always agree, argues and jokes, I still love them and care for them and they for me. I have a lot of family that lives all over the country and we still have a close relationship. I believe in a strong common bond with my family, this I believe.