This I Believe

Ashley - Taylors, South Carolina
Entered on September 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

For My Unborn Children

Every morning I get up and I try to do what is right. I do this for my unborn children. I am not a mother and do not plan to be until the time is right; however, I do everything I can for my unborn children. I do live a life without drinking, smoking, and drugs so when my children one day look at me and have a question to ask I can look into their little eyes and say, “No, I never did that.”

My mother was always an amazing mother and when I would ask her if she ever smoked, drank, or did drugs she could be completely honest. I want to be able to do that for my children. Teenagers I encountered throughout high school believed I did not live my life the way a teenager should. Teenagers should party, experience, and experiment. However, I do not believe that. Luckily, I was able to find a man who lives with and has the same beliefs. I am engaged to a wonderful young man who will be able to look at our kids and say, “No, I never did


It is not only the drugs I stay away from and the addictions but I also sacrifice for my unborn children. So many people I know are engaged and getting married even though they can not afford it, they believe their love will pay the rent and soon they will have children they cannot afford it; debt they try to climb their way out of. I would love to just run off with my fiancé and get married and then work just to be with him; however, I do what is best for my unborn children. I wait as we go to school, wait to see him on weekends, wait as we put money into our accounts so our children can sleep at night knowing no rats will be in their house. So much of being a wonderful parent is having patience.

I admit I read parenting magazines sometimes and I look at nutritious meals for kids and what is good for them and I do this for my unborn children. I am getting a degree in Early Childhood Development so I can learn more on young children and so I can be there for my children when they need me most and actually help with their homework. I even went to culinary classes to learn how to cook for them and was accepted into one of the leading culinary institutes in our nation. I wanted to be a mother who could be home with her children every night, and chefs are always working, so I said no to the University and to all the scholarship money as well. I do go to college because I want my children to see me as a whole person and not only as a mother so they can become well rounded themselves.

I have a six year old brother whom I look after like he is my child and when people see us together they seem to think he is also for how well I take care of him and how his parents do not. He has even gone through phases of calling me his mother and when he would go home and refer to me as mom his real mother would have to correct him but would always smile at me because she knew she could trust him with me. I do this for my unborn children. My brother is my parenting school I learn how he acts and how to stop bad behavior. The idea of sitting home all day then going out all night has been tempting at times, and then I think of the life I want for my kids and think again.

Of all the things I could do for my children I believe the number one thing is to be prepared. I want to be a great mother and I admit I do have my own skeletons in my closet and I am prepared for the day my children look up at me and ask me a question concerning my skeleton I will look into their eyes and tell the truth hopefully showing that the number one thing we do in my family is be honest with one another. I mold myself daily into the person my children will someday be proud of , I work hard, I save, and I sacrifice, but I do it for my unborn children.