This I Believe

barbara - maricopa, Arizona
Entered on August 31, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: good & evil

I believe that there is more good than evil in this world and that good will win in the end. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s we watched Mighty Mouse and Lassie. After the inevitable twists in the plot, the villains were vanquished, the good boy gone bad went good again and the individual who held fast to his or her moral foundation was rewarded. We were not totally protected from the real world – pets were hit by cars, a girl in school was molested, neighbors got a divorce. Yet the adults in my life had a happy ending ready to offer. Our family story was about the death of my Uncle Bill, the best and brightest of four boys. When he was killed by a drunken driver, his wife had to spend several months in the hospital with her serious injuries while my Grandma watched their tiny children. But while in the hospital, my Aunt Virginia met a gentleman whose wife had a terminal illness. They eventually married and blended their young families. “And that,” my dad would say quietly ” is an example of how God makes bad things into good.”

As we became older, a different view of universal truths came into vogue. Yin and yang became a more appealing view of our continuing lives. As I worked here and abroad, married, miscarried and adopted, confronted a son’s serious mental illness and a father’s dementia, the world seemed to be more of a random pendulum ever seeking a central point of neutrality. Then one day, on a hike through Havasupai Canyon, I posed a question of good versus evil to a walking partner. In her gentle manner, Dawn answered that there was much more good than evil in the world. She went on to remind me that every time a dry desert cactus burst into bloom and scattered its seeds,it was a good thing. When the sun came up here and went down in Australia and people followed that lead, it was as the world should be. Every creation that made the world a better, safer or even happier place was a point in the good column. The world was a pervasively good place with some inroads of evil. And relief washed over my delicately balanced soul, because she was correct.

Centuries ago, the leaders of every country were despotic blood thirsty maniacs. Women and children’s lives had no value anywhere.Common people everywhere had no hope of anything but a life of drudgery possible blessed by a sudden painless death. Yet hearty souls of every era have continued to persevere and persist in the name of good and right, and to pursue contentment on our planet. Because they have believed, as I do, that life not a game of rock, paper, scissors or an eternal ebb and flow. Rather, the unavoidable truth is that there is more good in the world than bad and the good will eventually overcome.