This I Believe

Jimmy - USA
Entered on August 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Christianity

I believe that religion is a basically a security blanket for a large variety of people. I think it attracted people of insecurity more than anything. However, there’s a consideration, and that is being raised in a certain religion from the time you could understand your parents talk. I think that’s a technique of conditioning except towards religion, and is almost never looked at as wrong. Why not let your kids make a decision on what religion they want to follow, in any, at perhaps the age of 16? Why force them to follow a religion just because you believe it’s right? It seems that the majority of the time people that have been forcibly following a specific religion never think about changing to another, or abolishing it all together. This is part of my religious brainwashing theories.

I do not consider religion, however, an evil entity. Although I see a lot of negatives of being part of a religious group, at the least it does provide people with a decent way of life, such as by obeying the 10 Commandments. Religion provides moral structure for people whom obviously have a natural tendency towards evil at times, some more than others. Religion can correct this, in some ways, by providing a set system for good with reprehension to scare you into doing what you (or you’re told to believe) is the right way.

I believe that religion is comprised of nothing more than reprehension, rewards for following your god, setting laws to live what is believed to be the best way to live your life, which all in all makes up a security blanket for those who aren’t sure what they really want. It provides people who have doubts about the world we live in and the unanswerable questions with it by bringing them satisfaction by making them believe that their way of life will bring them to eternal salvation and they’ll like happily ever after in the afterlife. I think that’s ridiculous. There’s no concrete evidence about the afterlife or who’s ever seen the true “God.” In Christianity it’s believed that Jesus came as the Lord, but I think that’s false. I believe that, if there was a Jesus, he was a religious obsessed man who claimed to be an almighty and unearthly being, but was really just a simpleton like the rest of us. It’s difficult to believe what the Bible (as well as other religions forms of Bible’s, not all, but many) says for several reasons, especially because it was written in a time where everything had an answer to religion, had its roots in religions, and everything about anything had at least something to do with religion.