This I Believe

elizabeth - bremen, Alabama
Entered on August 29, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

We were told in Sunday School that all the “poor ignorant” people would go to Hell. I questioned this–“What about someone who has lived their entire life on an island. They have never committed a sin, never hurt anyone, never even had a bad thought. What if they lived a sin free life, but just never heard of Jesus. What if they WOULD have believed in Him if they had heard of Him?” They said that it would be sad, but that the innocent ignorant person would go to Hell. And that would be our fault, because maybe if we had sent a missionary to the island that person would have gone to Heaven instead. That always bothered me. How can God be love if a sinless person would go to Hell just because he never heard of Jesus? Then, in 1969 I was introduced to the Bahai Faith. I gained much respect for the faith because of their logical message love and acceptance–I can not believe in an intolerant, spitefull God–I have to believe in a loving God.