This I Believe

Gracie - Flagstaff, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe that instead of having to be sixteen to work you should be able to be fourteen instead. I think that at the age of fourteen most people are ready to work and love to have money. Fourteen is a perfect age to get a job and start saving your money so then at the age of sixteen you may have enough money saved up for a vehicle. When I was fourteen I wanted to have a job so bad that my eyes would be pouring, I wanted to have a life and money so that I could buy things when I wanted them or when my friends wanted something, rather than asking my parents. Finally, at the age of fifteen I couldn’t take the wait anymore, so I lied about my age and I told the job that I was applying for that I was sixteen and they believed me. So was loved my job, but I felt guilty that just for me to be able to have a job that I would have to lie, so every day I would get to work and worry that if they would find out and what would happen. One day I finally gave up and decided that I was tiered of living a lie and quit my job that I loved more than anything. I was so mad at the president because I wasn’t aloud to work when I, myself was able. I wanted so badly just to be able to work and to actually be treated like I should be treated, so from that moment on I decided that no matter who I talked to that I would tell them how I felt about our country and how its just not right to me. So now I sit at home everyday bored and needing clothes and items that my parents can’t afford to get me. I just believe that the government is wrong and it’s just not right, “if only I had a job, if only I had a job.” I think to myself, “If I had a job I would have things that I need and even maybe want.”