This I Believe

David - Clermont, Florida
Entered on August 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I am very unhappy with the state of this union. There has not been any unity since those days after 9-11 and its aftermath. Never have I seen in my lifetime so much giving and caring for a fellow human being. And never again will I see this kind of helpfulness in all my days among the so called “living”. We are all in it for ourselves and, basically, our screw-everyone-else attitude that a majority of the people have today is killing this great nation of ours.

After 9-11, people opened doors for people without expecting a thank you. Some showed their pride of their nation by flying American flags high, and often wearing pins on their shirts. It wasn’t a matter of black, white, Hispanic; no, it was I am an American. There was talk of punishing those responsible for that terrible act upon humanity, and, I included, was hoping to God that they find Osama and at least capture him. There was a feeling, that I had personally, that I can’t express in words, but the closest thing it comes to, I guess, was patriotism.

Although patriotism in its rawest form can be a bad thing, many people embraced patriotism as a way to cope with the loss they felt after watching those two towers fall. In a way flying the American flag was a way of saying “this is my country and I feel the same pain my neighbors feel”. Patriotism brought us together. We lived each day with those who shared those views and felt the same way we did, or at least close to it. Even the Federal Government agreed on most issues, and things were looking up for us. Politics stopped being politics and agreements were made. This hasn’t been seen since the First/Second Continental Congress.

After the War in Afghanistan dragged on, Osama was no where to be found, and our fellow citizens, that were fighting overseas, were coming back in body bags, we started to get fed up with the situation. I started to see people stop caring for their fellow man. Everything fell apart. Protests sprang up and all the unity that we had gained over the 10-11 months was lost. Flags were put up into attics never to show their colors again, until the fourth of July when that same feeling of brotherhood came back, but only for a short time.

I hope we don’t pull together as a nation again when another national tragedy happens. I hope that the nation can have a general idea for what it needs to do in the future otherwise America is in for one heck of a ride with the new generation…and I am one of those who are of the new generation. America in the past has pulled together to create this great nation, and if we can just pull together to save this great nation then we still have hope for a brighter future.