Veronica - Groveland, Florida
Entered on August 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Whether the mistake is little or big, I believe there is always a lesson learned. As for me, I have learned many things from the mistakes I have made. One of the most important lessons I think I’ve learned in my life has to do with relationships.

About a year ago, if someone were to ask me if I was in love my answer would have been yes. I thought I would never be in a relationship with anyone else other than this person and they were my only focus in life. I never hung out with my friends and I began to have bad relationships with people in my family. For example, I argued with my mom and one of my sisters all the time due to the relationship I had with this guy. As time went by this relationship began to change. I felt as if I was the only one concerned with what happened and the only one trying to make things better.

Before I knew it I was being cheated on. My ex-boyfriend was good looking to many girls and he took advantage of that in whatever way possible. He started doing several things behind my back and when I would question him about what he was doing he would get mad and make me feel guilty for accusing him. Of course I didn’t handle these situations in the right way and I ignored what was going on just to make him happy. After a short time I was also being cursed at and called all types of hurtful names. The cursing is too outrageous to tell but the names I was being called ranged from stupid to more harsh names.

Throughout all of this trouble I never realized how someone who claimed to love you so much could hurt you that bad. However, one day I finally convinced myself that this relationship was doing nothing for me but bringing me down and changing me in numerous ways. After a couple years of being treated as if I was nothing I eventually decided to let go and move on with my life. As I started to move on things were very difficult. I still thought of this guy and wanted to make things work out until we bumped heads one day. Everything seemed to fall apart at that moment. I was embarrassed in front of a lot of people and I told myself I had to stop this from happening in the future by having absolutely no contact with him. The next few weeks were very calm without him by my side and I seemed to be less troubled. I finally went back to doing the things I used to do. I started talking to my friends a lot more and I made the initiative to hang out with them. The relationship I had with my mom and my sister also made a complete turn around. To this day my ex-boyfriend and I haven’t had any contact with each other or anything along that line.

I feel like I learned many lessons throughout that relationship. Most importantly, I learned that you shouldn’t let a guy put you down and let him have that type of control over you. I’ve come to understand that I’m special and I shouldn’t justify anyone’s mistakes to make them happy, such as cheating or those types of things. I also learned that I should have respect for myself and not let anyone subject me to that type of treatment. All in all, I believe you have to realize exactly what mistake you’ve made before you can begin to learn from it.