This I Believe

Michael - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on August 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Being part of a big Catholic family I believe going to Church on a regular basis will keep a family together. From my personal experience going to Church every weekend with my entire family I can honestly say that through those experiences we have become closer together. Furthermore, going to church will teach everyone in the family about morals and family spirit. Because these are taught it will create a support system for everyone in the family. It also brings a common belief into the family from which the family can become closer to each other. I know that from my experience with church that I have become much closer to my family. The thing that we learn at church becomes a conversation point from which everyone in the family can relate to. From these conversations we become to each other by simply talking and getting to know one another. Also, I have seen families who do not go to church together become separated from each other and that don’t know anything about their siblings and parents. In addition, to the siblings not knowing each other I have seen marriages fail because they do not have that time together each weekend to be a family. For families in which one of the parents is traveling most of the week going to church can be a time in which they spend time together. If families decide to go to church they will find themselves spending more time with each other not just at church but after it. Church can be springboard from which many family activities can derive from. For instance, in my family after we go to church every Sunday we then go out to breakfast and then go home to work around the house. When we get home the boys in the family go outside and start cutting the grass, weeding, and other yard work. While the girls clean the house and make sure we have food for the week. Without these tasks getting done our family would fall apart. All of these essential tasks getting done came from the family going to church together. Finally, I am not saying that a family cannot survive if they do not go to church I am saying that I believe that a family has a better chance of becoming closer and a better family if they do.