This I Believe

Greg - st. louis, Missouri
Entered on August 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

At the end of my junior year at Chamiande I went on the senior retreat Kiaros. I decided to go on this retreat so I could lead this retreat during my senior year and help my fellow class mates grow in their spiritual journey. I hope that I can give the same experience I had to my classmates. I believe that this retreat has changed my life and helped me have a new outlook one life and all it has to offer to me.

Before the retreat I was just laisser-faire about church and the whole God thing. It never really meant very much to me to go to church and participate in mass before I when on this spiritual adventure of Kiaros. After I got back from the 5 days at Kiaros I participated in mass fully and with all my heart because I learned that God really was watching over me and cared for me.

During the retreat I reflected upon my life and how I was living my life. I saw that some things in my life were good and exciting, but some were just ugly. When I thought about these things it made me feel shameful and I made a promise to myself that I would change these parts of my life that I was feeling ashamed about. I now believe making this promise has changed the way I look, feel and act in life.

I believe that because of this Chamiande retreat my life has not only gained spiritual confidence but excitement and happiness, which comes from know God better. This is why I hope that I can lead this retreat just as well as my Kiaros leaders did, they are examples of Christ’s followers and what I am trying to strive to be.