This I Believe

Ron - Saint Louis, Missouri
Entered on August 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been one to believe things exactly as I was told they are. When I was told when I was younger that Santa Clause came around to our House at Christmas I remember purposely going to sleep right next to the Room with the Christmas tree so I could catch him in the act of delivering presents. Even though these would go unsuccessful I would be back, jealous of those who told me their own stories of seeing him. But when it comes to I believe that those who die, when they go to Heaven it is a Unique Experience for each person. Being that we are all human and are not interested in the same things, if Heaven really is perfect then everyone has their own part in it. It is exactly how you would want it to be. It is full of your favorite things in life, for example family members, hobbies, Good Foods, whatever it is that you like. I also feel that Hell is the exact opposite, which is filled with things you do not like. I think we are judged by our own personal morals and if you know deep down that you are doing wrong then it is a sin, but if you don’t then it is not. Everyone forms their own opinions of what is morally acceptable and what is not so that is what they are judged on. When I Imagine the Gates to get into Heaven and when your life is reviewed to see if you belong there, you watch your entire life on a big movie theatre-like screen. There is a checklist and you put a check for everytime you sin and an “X” appears. The Check and the “X” cancel each other out and when you are done watching your life if you have an “X” left over. This is what I believe as to after you Die and How you will be Judged.