This I Believe

Louis - Chatham, Illinois
Entered on August 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of harnessing the mind

I believe, most social upheavals are a direct consequence of our inability to harness our minds. The fundamental premise of life is to lead a disciplined, useful and productive life. Chaos is the outcome, if human beings are unable to adhere to this fundamental principle.

I believe, once the brain power is harnessed, one would be able to direct the body to perform what the mind wants the body to do, otherwise the mind is silenced and body behaves like a head less chicken.

I believe, no one is born with a harnessed mind however; constant challenges are necessary and must be encouraged.

I believe, saying ‘I don not care’ or ‘que sera sera’ (how I look, how fat I am, how stupid I am, how ill dressed I am, how indifferent I am to other, how rude I am, how inconsiderate I am, how arrogant I am, how mean I am, how unnatural I am, how addicted I am) is the first sign of losing control of harnessing one’s mind. Mysteriously, today’s society finds a loop hole and try to blunt the mind with excuses rather than attempting to harness it.

I believe, this process starts from the childhood and parents are the most important figures to inculcate the values, if one is religious it even helps because then one need not grapple with what is the right thing to do. Most religious believes can not disagree with Jesus’ quote ‘love your neighbor as thyself’. I believe harnessing one’s mind to do this simple thing will lead to a better society.

I believe, harnessing the mind requires listening to one’s conscience, conscience is pure there is no white, black, brown or yellow conscience. When the mind is not harnessed enough the conscience becomes opaque leaving one with confused state of mind.

I believe, harnessing the mind can be equated to building one’s muscle or improving one’s physical fitness. The difference is that harnessing the mind is an immeasurable trait, which may not provide a million dollar contract, but will give the power to control, self confidence, sense of usefulness to society, sense of longing to interact, develop respect for one another, and on top of all provides a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

I believe, resorting to force is the least form of harnessed mind. Basically, one does not need a mind to resort to violence.

I believe, harnessed mind acts like a filter allowing relevant information to reach the brain. This could be related to a pruned and a well-connected brain circuitry, after all studies show the tentative nature of teenage brain has too many neurons and connections. To harness the mind requires support, effort, dedication, education and help from all around you. Do not hesitate to seek help.