This I Believe

William - 63131, Missouri
Entered on August 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe…

I believe that God constantly helps people in little ways. I am an American Catholic teenager who notices God working to help me and others in situations that I cannot be fully understood through reason.

For instance, being a teenager, I wake up at all different times during the day. Many times I have to wake up at a specific time. In these cases I set an alarm clock knowing it will wake me up on time. A few times over the course of my high school years, I would forget to turn the alarm clock on. Consequently, the next morning I should be running late. But, almost every time, I will wake up without an alarm clock or a screaming mother on time. After I wake up, I ponder for the next few hours about how it is that I woke up on time. The only answer that I could think of is that God was and still is looking out for me. Other times, I would wake up in the middle of the night as if something was wrong. I would sit up, look around, and wonder why I had abruptly wakened up. Then it would come to me. My alarm clock was not set. I would set the alarm and go back to sleep only to wake up and wonder what forces came over me in the middle of the night telling me to set my alarm clock. In this circumstance, I could only conclude that once again, God was looking out for me.

Everyone experiences days where things covertly fall out of their pockets. When this happens people can lose such items as money, keys, cell phone, etc. One day, I was sitting around a bonfire in a plastic lawn chair. For about three hours I just sat in this one chair socializing with my friends. Before I realized what was going on, my left hand was casually touching the grass beside my chair. Then, I touched my cell phone that must have fallen out of my pocket and through the chair cracks. I grabbed my phone and thought how lucky I must have been to have had my hand on the grass at that specific time. But, I realized that something must have been subconsciously telling me to touch the grass. The force could only be explained that God was telling me that my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket. After the incident occurred, I said a prayer of thanks to God.

God works in mysterious ways that cannot be explained. When things occur completely out of nowhere, the only explanation is that through faith and love God came to us. God gives many signs to people trying to convey a message. Some people understand the message others stray away from it. Many times God has sent me messages of aid to which I understand. This is why I believe that God tries to help people, not condemn and punish them.