This I Believe

Annie - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on August 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone has a good side to them. They could be the meanest person in the world, but deep down they have a good side. I think that people who appear to be mean are actually just lost in their life journey. For example, someone might go around insulting every little detail of anything that goes against what the person is use to. The fear of change and the awareness of unfamiliar things prompts the mean behavior. This presentation exhibits their uncertainty of themselves and life as a whole. So, they try to compensate by acting the way that they do. They do not know any better and thus must go on about what they have been doing until they realize the faults of their ways. Usually, it is the self-involved people that are doing things that they do not realize are wrong. It is when they understand the big picture of life and the need for harmony between one another that they have a turning point. I am basically pro-society verses the independent self, and support the advancement of civilization as a whole. Everyone needs to take time to get to know one another and to attempt to empathize with each other. There usually cannot be improvements among relationships without a sense of understanding. I always try to hear people out and at least meet them halfway. I have a tendency of always being in the gray area as my standpoint in several issues such as religion and politics. I believe that people who are always on either far end of the spectrum are too close-minded and contribute to a lot of the problems with society. I think that everyone should always have room to openly admit that they are wrong. Everything needs to be done for the greater good of society, even if it means sucking up one’s own pride and admitting defeat. People should always strive to achieve the impossible feat of perfection. But I admit I believe that my beliefs could be wrong.