This I Believe

Richie - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on August 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyone in the world has a belief about what they believe in. The general idea of belief is how we got here and whether the people believe in an external force which created the world or simply by biological means. There have been theories throughout the world and in our time of trying to reveal the truth. But the truth is that we will never know because everyone in this world has a definite beginning and end in time and space. There time here on earth is limited but what if someone was there when it all began. This person had powers to create the world in his eyes and to his own liking. Whether his name is Allah, God, or Yahweh we all come to know him as the reason why we are all here and devote much of our thinking towards him as of how we should act. There is a downside to this belief which I believe that many people I’m sure have thought of as well. What if we die and find out there is no God? What if all our beliefs were false and that God is not real and our bodies and souls just disappear? How can the world go on forever? There are so many questions that we have after we die and yearn for the answer. That is the truest essence of religion in my mind, the ability to believe in whatever you want, whether it be Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, or even nothing at all. People throughout their lives strive to find the answer if God is present in our everyday lives. Even though we cannot see him, we know as Christians that he is there with us spiritually. No matter what we do wrong or how bad we mess up, we know God is always with us because we are his children. We should all treat others with respect and goodness because if we keep tracing our lineage back we all are from the same family. Many people live their lives as “Seeing is believing” but there are sometimes things you don’t have to see to know they are there.