This I Believe

Taylor - Wildwood, Missouri
Entered on August 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I Believe…

Last summer, I entered into the work life working two jobs. During the day, I would work at Forest Hills Country Club. Here you would usually stand on your feet for eight hours in a row without a break. And to say the least, you would not be standing you would be either making the food or serving the food. Nonetheless, I would usually work 30-40 hours a week. Here I was required to make such things as smoothies and cook such things as grilled salmon and burgers. During the night, I worked at Silky’s Frozen Custard. I would usually work 15 hours a week. Here, I did everything from taking orders on drive through to actually making the ice cream. This job also required you to be on your feet the whole shift. However, it was not all so bad, because every now and then you could get a much desired taste of ice cream. By the time my second job ended, I was exhausted. I would fall asleep the second my head would hit my pillow. But, these jobs were worth it. By manning two jobs I pulled in over two-thousand dollars. Nonetheless, this most recent summer, I only was employed at one job. This was the job at forest hills. I thought I had enough going on with preparing for College and senior year.

Nonetheless, I believe teenagers should be employed in the work force. Now, I don’t mean holding two jobs as I did. This can be much, as it was for me, for most teenagers. But, I believe teenagers should be employed not just to make cash but to prepare for their future. It is not far from now that teenagers will be looking for a salary-paid job. To prepare, why not get use to the work life. By employing in a job early, you only get ready for your future that much more. Also, teenagers as it is are usually bored enough come the second week of summertime. Why not work and receive money instead of sitting around the house. Also, working not only prepares you for the future but also helps you meet new people. You are not the only teenager working. There are many others out there which mean you can meet new people.

In conclusion, I believe that teenagers should be employed in the work force to prepare themselves for the future where money is a must have. Houses and cars are not the only two items needed in adulthood, but they are two of the most important. And the only way to acquire these is with cash. Additionally, I believe teenagers should be employed to meet new people and make new friends. Who knows, maybe one could turn out to be your best friend. Or, maybe even one of these persons could give you a connection in the work force later in life. You just never know!