The Wonders of the Ocean

Nereah - Hendersonville, Tennessee
Entered on August 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I believe the ocean has a voice. I believe that if you just listen, the ocean has a lot to say.

I was at the beach in Berrien Springs, Michigan walking on the sand along the shore. The turquoise waves were vibrantly crashing, the golden sun shining, and the breeze was just right, and as the crisp air blew perfectly, I thought to myself, “Life is good.”

I had noticed earlier, two children with seashells to their ears, “listening to the ocean”. As I observed the children, one said to the other, “What is it saying?” Well, wouldn’t we all like to know the answer to that question? Everybody has their own thoughts and answers to this, but to the little girl she thought it was saying “Everything is beautiful”. The ocean is very smart, I must say, because everything is beautiful, in its own unique way.

What the ocean has to say is a total mystery in some ways but concurrently we decide what we want it to say, and it is so.

I believe this is something we all can do: Listen to the ocean, take its advice, but not word for word, of course. Through the mysteries of nature and the power of imagination, we can enjoy the wonders of the ocean. This I believe.