This I Believe

Nick - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on August 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A person who has shaped my beliefs would have to be my parents. It’s easy for me to accept information if it is being conveyed to me by some superior individual that is older than I am. With that being said usually whatever my parents tell me I almost always believe them. But, when on the topic of God’s existence my parent’s opinions differ. My dad happens to believe that the bible does not contain true stories and all the rituals that go along with Catholicism are not necessary to getting into “heaven” and that God or some Supreme Being does exist. At the same time, my mother’s opinion differs greatly. She believes that going to church, reading the bible, saying the rosary and all the other rituals and ethics that Catholicism asks of help significantly if you want to go to heaven and that there is a God. As you can see these opposing views of religions have caused great confusion in my choosing of a religion. After all the schooling I have had and experiences throughout my life I would have to say that a little bit of my mom and a little bit of my dad has been incredibly influential in my religious beliefs. My mom has taught me that there is a God or some form of Supreme Being that has created us and the world we live in. Most importantly she has taught me that there is a reason for our existence and why we were put on this earth. To love and share with our neighbors. That lesson has been something that I have interpreted following some of my mom’s beliefs and it really is something I base my life of off. My dad has opened my eyes to many new ideas and thoughts about life and how we came to be. My father’s thoughts about the bible seem to be very valid and legitimate in my eyes. But, he has taught that the bible can be interpreted however you would like. He taught me that I don’t have to believe every story in the bible, but to learn from the stories and take them as free life lessons that will make you a better person. I have learned from my father that going to church is not the only way to be in God’s presence (or some Supreme Being’s presence). I have picked up the habit of going into a quiet place and just talking with God on my own and telling him about my problems and just praying in my own way. So, as you can see both of my parents were greatly influential in my spiritual upbringing and they taught me wonderful things and have made me happy and content with my religion and how I view life.