This I Believe

Sarah - Tel Aviv, Israel
Entered on August 26, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe in Looking

(Perseid meteor shower, Fethiye, Turkey)

I believe the instant

when meteor showers eminate

is radiant. It floats.

Against the background. It shifts.

Like language in time.

The meaning of what we say

blazes. Those small particles of sound.

Space debris vaporized

in seconds.

Streaks of light!

Ruptures! Or Raptures.


for the Faithful.

But what about me?

I want to believe

in celestial matter. Explosions.

In fire.

The source of shooting stars.

Not a martyr’s actual

tears. Their significance

for wishing.

For meaning. All of us


In the invisible moon.

Don’t look for it. It’s there

hidden. So we can see

more. Yet farther.

Sometimes fireballs should be taken

as signs.

I believe in friction

so that particles flame into rage.

Open your eyes.

Stare at the darkest spot

in the sky. It’s moving. Almost a split.