This I Believe

Cecilia - Charlottesville, Virginia
Entered on August 25, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

“Arrgh! I hate moving”, the words floating in my head like bumper cars colliding. I toss and turn in my bed for two hours. So, I try to count sheep. Well, that didn’t work. I try repositioning the blankets; that wasn’t

effective either. Maybe, I’ll drink warm milk? They say that moving is one of the most stressful things anyone can experience. It’s especially nerve-racking if it’s cross country; this thought only made matters worse. I

still could not sleep! For one, relocating uproots your life: friendships change and relationships alter though one doesn’t want to. So, you can feel like the rug is pulled out from under you from all the stress—the disequilibrium. Well, its really due to the fear and lack of control. Now, I am admitting it and I am going into the unknown. The rawness of my emotions, at times, overpowers me and remind me of my humanness. But, this story is not really about moving. Instead, it’s about following what you love and having faith; eventhough, the path is not as clear or as straight as I would like. Instead, most of it has twists and turns.

As I get older, the knowledge of life’s curve balls helps curb some of the fear, as I focus on life’s real priorities. I heard someone say that life is made up of the experiences one makes of it. Well, I think that I want to create a life focused on humanitarianism where people get their basic needs of food, water, shelter, and safety for their families. As I venture to the unknown, the images of people and children smiling has always determined the reason for my life’s journey. Simply, I love what I do as a nurse. I take pleasure in caring for people especially at the most vulnerable and private times in their lives especially when they’re sick and dying. Indeed, it is I who is grateful for the chance to know my patients because each of them has taught me something about life: to treasure each moment, to be grateful, to be patient with love ones and oneself, and that if love is the sole reason for one’s actions; then, there’s nothing to fear. Their faces will always be apart of my human experience. My journey to the East Coast is based on a promise to myself, to one day sit amongst children singing and smiling while continuing to

do what I love—caring for others through nursing. The transition into a PhD program is indeed a daunting experience, just ask any graduate student. But, my belief that everything and everyone’s happiness is interconnected encourages for me to push on, despite the fear of the unknown. I believe in

contributing my very best efforts and work into the improvement of other’s lives and health around the world. It is this unyielding belief that when actions are rooted in love there is nothing to fear because things always work out.