This I Believe

Jessica - Kirksville, Missouri
Entered on August 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in the power and feelings hidden in music. All types of music have their own beats, rhythms, and notes, yet all people listen to music. We all feel compelled to listen to our favorite song when it comes on the radio, or pop in a good CD and roll down the windows when you’re in a good mood. Music has the ability to create and shape a person’s mood. But music can also make you feel the need to just get up and move. The power behind the beat can slow you down and make you fall, or speed you up and give you a surge of energy.

Music has become a very concrete part of my life. I love listening to music to lighten my mood or to just listen to a sad song when I am feeling lonely or depressed. I have seen music do wonderful things for people’s lives. I am not only speaking of music therapy, but of music programs. I have seen peers who I believed to be beyond help come back because they were more or less forced into to marching band program at my high school.

Just tonight I was sitting at my laptop, pondering over my reading assignment, when my roommate gets my attention. So I pull out my earbuds (we usually just have her ipod on, but it was past quite time). She asks me have I ever read a story where someone remembers all their emotions and puts them all down at once. I tell her yes. And she spirals off about how she did that just now in a note to her boyfriend. She put an old CD he had burnt for her, and all the emotions and pictures came flooding back into her memory. She was so excited, and almost crying because she misses him so much.

When you think about it, I mean, really think; music is just notes. Recorded and mass produced notes… and sometimes voices. But if you were to play the song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter, I would remember my junior Prom and feel all happy and sad at the same time. If you played “Walking in Memphis” I would remember when we really were walking in Memphis on a marching band trip and me, my friends Mary, Sarah, Scott, and Nat, were trying to be really clever.

“Music is what emotions sound like”. This quote is anonymous, but whomever said it was very clever. Music is healthy for the human mind, body, and spirit, just as some believe yoga, the food pyramid, and church are.