I believe in milestones:- Notary stone plaques along routes.

George - Miramar, Idaho
Entered on August 24, 2007
Age Group: 65+

In my youth on the island of my birth milestones served several important functions…where I turned to go to grandpa’s house; where commuters gathered to board the bus to go to town; where a district ended and another began; where meetings took place between consenting parties, or just chance encounters. I grew up taking them for granted.

Years into my teens I reflected on my first day at grammar school and how I survived the older-boys’ initiation and welcoming haze; the day I learned I’d passed my school certificate. Those vivid memories remained important beacons in my journey, as was the day I learned I’d graduated from the University of London in Economics; the day I got married; the evening I had my first extra-marital. I reflect on those milestones as the beginning or end of paragraphs in my book of life without conjecture as to.. ‘what if!!??’

Still later in my years I had my first unsuppressed spiritual awareness, awakened out of a lecture by the Dalai Lama. Thus evolved the conviction that there is my body, and there is my spiritual being; and that there is an overriding consciousness of right and wrong; of integrity and remorse; of the electronics of my emotions that direct my passage through life that sifts the ethical values from the corporal and spiritual mosaic that I am.

I can reveal the acme of another milestone: “Eit ein Berliner”…throwing down the gauntlet of political change to a community straddling Democracy and Communism. My political rebirth was confirmed when the Soviet Union disbanded through the overwhelming forces of international public opinion. I had earlier embraced as my dominant socio-political conviction the concept of social democracy…[a political apparatus that moulds the principles of a democratic structure directly onto the needs of its people.]

I am aware of the power of change. I worked on mainframes prior to the PC. Today I have a blackberry, an ibox and a notebook that generate more from its miniaturized structure than many a mainframe I had operated. The rate of change appears to be faster than any generation can comfortably absorb.

Milestones have become receding horizons of my many goals. My life has now lasered onto a single plaque…in that I eschew the evolution of mankind I am basking in the glory of a cognizance that my spiritual existence takes precedence over all other facets of my life.

This I believe.