How Death Affects People

Sheila - Minneola, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Death affects people in different ways. They are two general types of what people go through when someone they know and care about dies. One of the types of ways that death affect’s people is mentally. The other type of manner that people are affected by one of the loved ones passing away is physically. Broadly death affects people mentally and physically when loss of life happens.

Primarily people are affected more mentally then anything else when a loved one passes away. Many people get in a depression in which they think that they cannot live another day without their loved one by their side. Other people might never be the same again because they feel empty and hollow inside. For instance when people loose a loved one they detach themselves from the world in which causes them to get more miserable and lonely. Typically people can never really be the same after the death of someone that was very dear to their heart.

In contrast, other people are physically affected. Various people harm their own bodies because of the loneliness they feel when some one dear to them dies. For example individuals start cutting their wrist because they prefer physical pain to forget about the emotional pain. Others go and put harmful substances in their bodies like drugs so they can forget about all of the dreadful thoughts.

In general, mentally and physically are the two general ways that death affects people. Death of a loved one does a lot of damage to people mentally they get in depressive states and they might get so depressed that they might harm themselves physically. Overall death affects people in very strong ways.