This I Believe

Skee - Groveland, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that everyone has a secret love. When were growing up or when were older no matter how old. We always seem to fall for the ones we can’t have. The girl next door the boy down the street. You always drop hints about the love that you’ve hidden in your heart and the shyness that you have when you’re around this certain person that you would give the world for or maybe your heart beats so fast when talking to the love of your life you stutter or choke on your words. Well I have felt these things only once in my life and I’m fortunate to still have that person to love.

As a result of being so in love you start dropping hints all over the place. With your friends you may drop some or when you’re on the phone with this person. But unfortunately for the person who is in love they just can’t seem to ever just come out and say it. I love you and tell them that it’s been a long time coming. But even I know that it just isn’t that easy. What about the rejection and shyness. Well they’ll come a bit later.

Even if you some how was able to talk to the person without stuttering so bad that the words coming out of your mouth was comprehensible you still might be held up by does she have a boyfriend or does she like me or whatever else might be your reason for not trying to ask her out on a date. Rejection is big reason real love sometimes doesn’t shine through. Also you might be stuck in a place called by today’s generation the “friend zone” I was stuck in it by my girlfriend now for a while. She had some bad relationships and I was always there to pick her up and talk her through them but she just never saw that I truly loved her and that’s why I stuck by her through thick and thin until I had enough gumption just to come out with I love you. Well enough about rejection what about timing and being sure.

Being sure is a big part of secret love because nine times out of ten they already had been hurt. I know this was one of mine and my girlfriends concerns so I stepped up to the plate and showed her I was going to put everything into it. Another part to being sure is knowing the timing. Don’t try to push it on her or him just kind of know your place for a while until there sort of over there last relationship and then step up and tell them and it might even help them get over their last relationship or they might not be ready but at least they’ll know how you feel.

Well with that being said about my belief about secret love. I just want to leave you with this thought. Does secret love actually exist or is just another feeling of the human mind, body, and heart. You answer that for yourself because if you look back you can see in your life or your kids where there has been a secret love. I believe secret love will last as long as people are shy.