This I Believe

Ahlecx - Minneola, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Many People Believe That What Goes Around Comes Around, But What Really Is It That Makes Them Think This? Is It Personal Experiences, Things You’ve Heard, And/Or You Just Simply Believe In It. To Me It Is Definitely Personal Experiences That Have Made Me Believe That Karma Indeed Exists.

First Of All, After Numerous Things Have Happened To Me I Began To Believe That Karma Exists. According To Dharmic Religions Karma Means The Cycle Of Cause And Effect. For Instance, Someone Trips And Falls, You Laugh At Them And Sooner Or Later You Too Will Fall. Karma Is Believed To Be A Sum Of All That An Individual Has Done, Is Currently Doing And Will Do. Therefore People’s Actions Can Determine What Will Happen To People.

Secondly, I Understand Karma As A Way Of Living A Life Where You Are Not Mean To Anyone, Or Talk Bad About People. I Believe That If Everyone Believed In Karma Then Maybe Some People Would Be Better And Nicer. Some People Do Not Believe In “What Goes Around, Comes Around” And They Call Their Mishaps As Bad Luck Or Pure Coincidence. However, The Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist Believe That This Is All Part Of The Vicious Cause And Effect Cycle.

Last But Least, I Believe That People Should Always Try To Be Nice. I Understand From Past Experiences That Some Times This Can Be Very Difficult, But You Can Ignore That Person. In My Opinion The World Revolves Around Karma. Someone Kills Someone And They Either Get Killed Also Or They Get Put In Jail.

In Conclusion, I Believe That The World Revolves Around Karma. I Also Strongly Believe That What Goes Around Comes Around. First Hand Experiences Have Taught Me To Be Nice To People Because You Never Know When You Might Need Them And All They Remember Is When You Were Unkind To Them.