This I Believe

Nichelle - Mascotte, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love is a word associated with a feeling. One thing love is not is … romantic. I say unquestionably believing that everyone has a companion, but love’s range is so wide that it will not always be a mate, and that romance is a series of deeds not a feeling.

Romance makes us feel good. What makes it different is that romance is something that can be done to evoke a feeling; often confused with love. Romance is cause and effect. Love is sublime; so positively hard to describe it defies definition. Often unromantic in its familiarity. It seems to be something that happens when two or more are accomstumed to each other.

So what is the big to do about romance? Well it has a great publicist. I assume that is why it is so wanted. When I really take the time to think about what I want from a lover most of it is purely romance not what true unconditional love unquestionably is. I admire love’s range. I love my mother, but that is a love unconditional and unromantic yet still love all the same. I think it is a shame the sham we tend to believe that if we do not find a romantic lover that our lives will be somehow unfulfilled.

In my mind love, true love is more akin to companionship. It is the only thing to really hope for. If love is indescribable and undefinable the how can found when searched for? It cannot. Companionship is the opposite. Unlike infatuation, another love substitute, it can be found and felt. Sometimes impractical, it is more practical than romance’s frivolity.

I do believe the sham of love. Yes, I do believe everyone has a companion out there because companionship is what I have resigned to settle for because love cannot be found when searched for, but only found when felt. It is the only thing to love.