This I Believe

Harvey - Boca Raton, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: humanism, science

I believe in YOU. There you are; real, alive. You are, as I, a product of evolution. Four and a half billion years have passed, and just look at the result; why, you’re beautiful, amazing, and everything with which you are endowed is a reflection of what I am – astounding! At the age of nine, I really didn’t see you. I was busy looking up at the night sky, and pondering the universe. The question in my mind then was why the blackness of Space existed. I remember asking my mother that if all the stars went out, would the dark container of Space, which holds all the matter extruded in the “Big Bang” continue to be. I always thought that the gods of mankind were inventions. I knew that “God” didn’t exist, and that all the “stuff” which fills the great ’empty’ above us is nothing more than a random phenomenon – but what a phenomenon! Think about it; I have. Here we are you and I, going about our daily lives as if the Earth, the Moon, the planets and galaxies were created sometime this morning and then, as if shaken from a dream, the realization of the enormity of our position; it’s awesome, I tell you. Then I think of all Humanity, and what it’s done with all the time it took to get here, to the “now” of this reality. Other than the compassion borne of love, I try not to dwell on the waste and intolerance; the wars, and the strife. I see what havoc Nature unleashes upon the world, and I can only wonder why my fellow human creature would intentionally compound and exacerbate the pain and suffering a hurricane, or a tsunami, or a dozen other calamities thrown our way, by wanting to have more than you and I; by wanting to rule over you and I, by wanting to destroy what you and I have waited for these many billions of years to achieve.

This, I believe: A day will dawn, in the lives of mankind when one of us turns to the other and sees himself; compares himself against the canvas of Time, and realizes the brief tenure of existence. I see, in that day the knowledge of wisdom come into his mind, and the understanding that this life; this time is not just precious, but all there is. In that day I shall, once again look up and ponder the universe; but this time I won’t be alone in my awe. YOU will be there!