This I Believe

Gina - Minneola, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have grown up of Christian faith and I’m a very spiritual person. I have encountered many strange things that others say that don’t exist or they try to rationalize it. The simplest things that happen to me are miracles small and large. Also I believe the things that happened to me can only be explained, that it’s God’s miracles.

Other’s in the world has experienced in God’s miracles and so have I. Sometimes people over look the most simplest of miracles such as a smile on a child’s face when they see gifts on Christmas morning. When rain falls after months of a drought, and flowers bloom. When seasons change from the bitter-cold winter, to the warmth of the summer sun on your skin. It is there when a mother looks into the face of their newborn baby. I see these simple miracles when others have disregarded them as part of everyday life.

Of course I had my own miracles, big and small. The small miracles that I experienced have been not only to me but to my entire family as well. There were many times when we had no money and bills were coming up and I prayed silently for God to help us, and the next day a check would come in the mail, for money being paid back to us by the government, enough to pay the bills and pay for enough food for at least a week.

A few big miracles have happened as well in my life. My father got into a car accident when I was sixteen years old and was fine afterward. But later during the month he complained of a stomach ache, which when we took him to the hospital found out his pancreas was inflamed from hitting it too hard on the steering wheel of the car. He had to be hospitalized. I prayed that he get well soon, and in a week he was well and returning home with us.

What really had changed me the most to believe in miracles that I recall the first moment in my life was when I was of age six. My mother had pneumonia and was dying, I didn’t understand at the time for I was too young. The doctors didn’t want me to see her but my father insisted that I must. When I was walking into the room and saw my mother frail and sickly my heart broke inside and I prayed to God without realizing what I was doing. Always believing that if I prayed hard enough something good will happen. My mother smiled weakly at me as she gave me a hug and acted as if nothing was wrong and that she would be home soon. At a young age I knew she might not be able to make it, but kept my spirits up and prayed with my mother. A month later, my mother recovered when the doctors said she should have died. I have understood that God was there healing her and answering my prayers and that miracles do happen.

Miracles happen to everyone if they realize it or not. I have experienced it first hand when my own parents were in the hospital and they recovered. When we needed money to live on and continue our daily lives. Miracles happen, even if it does look like everyday life.