This I Believe

Dominiqua - Orlando, Florida
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe that my mother is the best natural gift that I posess. I say this because my mother is always there. She is truly a precious and wonderful gift that I would never replace. Yes, my father and everyone else in my family are beautiful people and are a huge part of my life, but my mom has a certain way about her that makes me feel safe and warm. Now, i know this may sound cliche and quite common, but it is the God to honest truth. She is the one person that I can run to for a shelter when everyone else’s doors are closed. For instance, one time when I was about eight or nine years of age, I ran away from home. Why I did this, I have absolutely not the slightest clue. But in the gist of things, when I was found, my dad was screaming and hollering like crazy, and saying how bad I was and so on while my mom kindly took me to the side and talked to me. She ONLY talked to me, and I believe I recall her shedding a few tears also. But the whole point of the story is, that by her just talking to me in that moment, I felt like I could do no wrong from there on out. I can’t explain it, but to have a conversation with her for just a minute or two, I believe that you will probably feel the same way too.I say she is a gift because she was given to me and even though she does not wear a ribbon around her, I feel as though I open a new present every time I am with her. She is so strong, and is my strength. When I think about all that she has been through, what I put her through, and where she is today I feel so proud to be her daughter. The life of my mom helps me grow and I am becoming a better woman because of the woman she is and will always be. Another thing that I adore about my mother is that she listens. When the people around me say that I talk too much, she says she wants hear more. It is interesting to see how fascinated she always is to hear about my day and what’s new in my life. I could go on for days expressing these and other thoughts about my mother but I will end on this note. This is what I believe..