This I Believe

Elvira - Devine, Texas
Entered on August 23, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe; a camel would sooner enter into the eye of a needle before a rich man would enter the kingdom of heaven. This of course, is a biblical proffession. And I believe it. I believe that the all the “noise” of this world, reffering of course to anything that disprupts or wavers are focus on our faith, has delayed or completely denied us our source of faith. It is my personal and unofficial theory that the human soul needs to “cling to”, obsses over, and submerge themselves in something….anything! And that is what it has come to. “No way!”, we say. “I have no obssesion! I am a grown, mature adult and simply have no time to OBSESS over celebrites and such silly matters. OBSESSION is a LUXERIE and I have no TIME for that!” But we miss our more sutle obssesions – our “wants” [COUGH-needs] to sit and watch the news every evening at nine, our “wants” to spend everybreathing moment iPod in-tact, cellphone in hand, our “wants” to make sure the house is imaculate, our “wants” to buy a #4 at Starbuck’s every morning. Or maybe we DO have have the classic Celebrity Obsession; Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Prince…Or maybe even more common we have the All-Out Sports Phanatic Syndrome..Go Spurs!, Go Longhorns! Go Blah Blah Blah! Admit it: we all have obsessions whether we know it or not, whether we admit it or not they are there. We learn a guitar upside down, or learn the name of every wrestler in the ECW, or become brilliant dancers. Something inside us longs to grasp on to somehthing, someone, to put our hope into. We treat our pets and sometimes our lovers like royalty because it’s cute. But now back to camels and needles. Where is your faith? Nothing in this world lasts forever and when we put our life into the hands of material things we are crushed when they bring us down and don’t solve our problems. Or worse they BECOME our problems. Or Vick pleads guilty to cruelty to animals. Or Fluffy dies. Or we break up with that significant-other. My daughter has become the ultimate Daniel Powter Fan and at times I wish it were not so severe. So now I’ll ask: Where is YOUR faith? As for me and my household; we will serve the Lord.