This I Believe

Anne - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on August 22, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Often I roll back the years and recall interesting and exciting moments which have colored my life until now. The knowledge that far fewer years lie ahead than behind offers a natural tendency to dwell in the past. Yet just as the fascinating moments often came unexpected in times behind, there may be myriads of unsuspected wonders ahead.

If I am over the hill, who is to say there are not delights on the downhill slope, just as wonderful and exciting as before, If I keep my mind and heart open to savor all life has to offer.

I do not believe shortened time curtails the adventure of living, or that God dulls our senses for the future because of what He has offered in the past. We do not know (thank God) how many years lie ahead, but that is no reason not to face each day with eager delight and wonder.

As the years roll along, I am increasingly aware that the day is not too distant when I shall see my family and friends who have gone before me, in a happy reunion arranged by a loving God.

Nothing is automatic or preordained about my getting there. I must earn my place by my faith and doing what I can do to help my fellow man.

It has been said that only in giving of himself does a man find himself. This I believe.